Power Transformer – TPH/TSH Series

Sunlord is gradually developing the field of transformer, based on customization capability, full automatic production process, advanced base drop type technology and improved structure design, we offer low profile transformer with good heat dissipation capability and high efficiency.


There is a tendency that electronic devices are become slim and flat, especially in power supply module, therefore low-profile and high efficiency power transformers are badly request. However, power transformers commonly are made with manual production process, which means high labor cost and poor consistency. Under this background, Sunlord is developing the field of transformer with full automatic production process which would profit high production efficiency and superior consistency.

  • High power density, self-cooling, automatic production
  • Can be made SMD construction (large weight not recommended)
  • Excellent magnetic shielding, low distributed capacitance
  • Low loss, low leakage inductance, uniform magnetic field

LED-backlit display/TV, LED power, precision instruments, power supply modules, computer terminal output and so on.

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